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Missing and Murdered (2017) ~ a novel

First, Do No Harm (2016) ~ a novel

Lockdown (2012) ~ a novel

Until He Killed Her  (2010) ~ a novel  

By Precept and Example  (2007) ~ a novel


The Passing Parade: Tales of a Bemused Bystander (2016) ~ an anthology of stories

It Matters to Me: Tales of a Young Father (2010) ~ an anthology of stories 

On Top of the Grass: Tales of a Snowbird in Florida  (2008) ~ an anthology of stories and poems


Five Cousins (2007) ~ a collection of poems

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The author's heartwarming and humorous tales of family and human interest subjects have been published in newspapers and anthologies since 1976.  Several of his poems and lyrics have been set to music by his daughters.

A former principal, superintendent, and school board director of education, the author is a graduate of York University and the Ryerson School of Journalism.  He lives with his wife in Ontario, where he is currently writing a sixth novel in the Maggie Keiller/Derek Sloan mystery series, and a fourth collection of tales.  

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